Go Big or Go Home

While we are truly grateful for any donation we receive, this is our ULTIMATE WISH LIST. Please take a moment to review the current big ticket items that we definitely have a need for!


Our current playground was graciously donated by a family in St. Louis, but as our school grows, we will be in need of a larger facility to accommodate more children. Doesn’t this look like a great place to play?

Funds Needed: $16,000.00

Funds Raised to Date $0.00



The school currently owns five psalteries that our students use during their music instruction twice per week. As our enrollment grows we will need to purchase additional psalteries so that each student may have one to use during class, as well as being able to offer students the option to check them out to take home and practice if they wish to do so.

Psalteries Needed: 10 Additional Instruments

Cost Per Instrument: $95.00



To function in our every changing world, you need to be technologically savvy. It is essential that our students have access to current technologies and use them on a daily basis in conjunction with their core curriculum. We currently have 9 IPAD Airs that our students have access to on a rotating basis. To ensure that each student has the opportunity to stay current, we need to acquire a minimum of 6 more IPADs, as well as a charging cart to place them on so they are ready to be used at the beginning of each school day.

Cost per IPAD Air: $499 each

IPADs Needed: 6


Cost per Charging Cart: $599.00

Chargers Needed: 2