Welcome Letter


Thank you for your interest in Carterville Christian Preparatory Academy. We are excited to open our doors as the premier educational establishment for young minds in Southern Illinois. We will offer academic excellence for young people for Pre-K through Grade 6.

What we promise to you:

High academic standards – our students will be challenged to perform to their true academic potential led by an empowered teaching staff. Our curriculum centers on Christ and is scripturally based. We encourage prayer as a daily practice and a reliance on the Lord to achieve all things, including academic excellence.

An active classroom – our students will learn through a hands-on approach that fosters creative and analytical thinking beyond normal practice of repetition exercises and worksheets. We don’t just want to know how…we want to explore why! We will also partner with local businesses and community leaders to apply skills being acquired in the classroom and show their real world applications.

A classical education that includes the fine arts – our students will be exposed to drama, music, poetry, foreign language and tactile arts through partnering with local community arts programs and teachers.

A low student/teacher ratio – allowing for greater adaptation for teaching styles and one on one instruction to greater accommodate different learning styles.

Learning with current technologies – students will incorporate the use of tablets, IPADs and computers in the daily practice of learning.

A Christian environment – focusing on having compassion for all of God’s creations as well as fostering inner courage to outwardly act on their beliefs. We will prepare our students to be “in the world” without becoming “of the world”.

A disciplined environment – with a high tolerance for being a kid coupled with an extremely low tolerance for unruliness, disrespect and bullying.

We promise transparency and integrity in all we do. We welcome questions and look forward to partnering with our parents and teachers to continue avenues of excellence as we grow in the coming years.

Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you as you prepare your child for success!

Anticipating the best!


Merlin Pyrtle

Board President