Why Choose Carterville Christian Preparatory Academy?

 Small Class Sizes

In our Pre-K through First Grade classes, we have a maximum of 15 students per class. In our Second through Sixth Grades classes, class maximums are 18 students per class. While each class has its maximum, most of our class are actually smaller, which means more undivided teacher attention for your child. Fewer students means that more material can be covered, while leaving the time for in-depth class discussions, which further learning and understanding by allowing children to explore their own ideas. Small groups enable peer-to-peer learning. Our classes that have combined grades also foster empowerment as our older students can role model to the younger ones and are younger students can aspire to more knowledge and mastery, like their older classmates.

Small classes also mean that the necessary review of new materials happens largely in the classroom, greatly reducing the amount of homework assigned that would intrude on extracurricular activities and free play time.

Small classes also mean higher intellectual achievement and allow for an advanced curriculum. We have students in the 5th grade doing 7th grade level math and 1st grade students reading at a 4th grade level.

A Solid Foundation
Here at CCPA we equip your child with the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed and train your child to think and work independently. Training good study habits early and turning children into avid readers are key to academic success.

Experienced Faculty
At CCPA, each student is individually known and cared for by a highly trained and experienced faculty.

They bring true enthusiasm and passion for their students’ achievement to the job, while setting high standards and promoting excellence in a positive and encouraging environment.

Limited Homework
Education experts have long criticized the enormous stress placed on primary school students by hours of homework in addition to long school days. We agree with the experts. That’s why we try to limit homework assignments, leaving enough time for daily reading and spelling exercises.

Scientific evidence contradicts the commonly-held misconception that more homework equals more learning. In fact, studies show the opposite.

Instead of sending review work home that has already been completed in the OUS classrooms, our students have time to focus on independent reading and special projects, while leaving enough time to be simply kids — to run around and play at home. At CCPA children’s needs come first and we have created a child-appropriate environment.

More Recess & Fun
We do not believe in chaining children to their desks. Numerous studies show that children (and adults for that matter) learn better if they have breaks in between learning processes. We maximize our recess periods and take the children outside all-year round, which makes for healthier kids whose achievement is measurably higher in the classroom.

Cutting recess time, as practiced by many schools, does not make room for more efficient learning time. Instead it simply results in unmotivated, tired students whose ability to learn and comprehend drops sharply. On the contrary, being exposed regularly to sun light and fresh air staves off possible depression in kids. But don’t just take our word for it.

A Biblical Foundation

We believe that the bulk of a child’s biblical education should come from their parents and the church. Our daily curriculum is faith based and does contain scripture, but we do not employ teaching methods such as the rote memorization of verses. Our students are taught about Jesus through focusing on character traits, by serving their community with a monthly service project and through the Christian example of our faculty and staff.

More Like Family
CCPA is more a family than an institution. Students help one another, academically in the classroom as well as during recess, equipping them with solid social skills. Students cheer one another on; nobody gets laughed at for making a mistake, and bullies are not tolerated.  The entire class takes pride in every classmate’s successes. Courteous and kind behavior is the norm at CCPA and is part of the social skills that are daily modeled and reinforced by our teachers.